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As the first vacuum cleaner manufacturer, Hoover have an extensive range of appliances
that are innovatively designed to keep your home spotless.

Hoover DS22G Discovery Cordless
Vacuum Cleaner

You can now clean all your floors, inside your car, and even your
upholstery with the different nozzles. You can even reach high
surfaces with the additional poles.

New HSpin-Core technology
- For the ultimate dust separation and easy bin-emptying.

Turbo boost
- Instantly increase your suction power with the push of a button.



"Ideal for house and car. Easy to use. Quick charging.
Would recommend to all" Debby


Hoover Breeze Pets BR71BR02
Bagless Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

Designed with you and your pets in mind, Breeze Pets has a range of
features including a large capacity bin and a pet turbo brush. Now
your home can be clean and hair free.

5m cord and 1.5m hose
- For extra reach cleaning, making those hard to reach spots not so
hard to reach.
class drying experience.

Powerful turbo brush
- Included for tackling ingrained dirt and stubborn pet hair.



"Purchased this a couple of weeks ago and it's excellent.
Lightweight and brilliant for cleaning all areas. Cleans up my pets hairs so easily", Sarah Jane


Hoover Breeze Evo TH31 BO01
Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Discover what's new and now with the Hoover Breeze Evo -
an upright vacuum cleaner designed to help save you money on
your electricity bills.

Adjustable height brush bar
- For cleaning those tricky spots and a generous 3-litre capacity,
so you won't need to empty the bin after every single use.

4.5m stretch hose
- Long enough to clean a full 13-step staircase, without having to
balance the cleaner halfway up the stairs too!



"I definitely would recommend this hoover, the suction is brilliant it really picks up dog hair, the brushes bring your carpet back to life, a good buy" Paul

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Washing Machines

Hoover Wizard Wi-Fi lets you manage your laundry in total freedom and the washing
machines can handle any size wash up to an enormous 13kg load.

Hoover One Fi Extra DWFT413AH3
Washing Machine

You can now connect to a smarter home with WiFi and One Touch
Technology, as you can control, monitor and manage your washing
through the Hoover Wizard app.

1400 spin speed and 13kg capacity
- The perfect family sized washing machine.

Intelligent sensor technology
- Weighs your laundry during the first 4 minutes of the cycle
and adjusts the time, water and electricity accordingly.

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Tumble dryers

With a range of Vented and Condenser models up to a huge 10kg load,
Hoover has a tumble dryer to suit you and your lifestyle.

Hoover Dynamic DXC10TCE
Aquavision Condenser Tumble Dryer

Discover what's new and now with the Dynamic tumble dryer, featuring
an extra large porthole so it is easy to load. Plus, there is a 40 minute
rapid programme for those quick washes

Clever sensor dry technology
- 10kg load and a highly efficient reverse action drum, it offers a best in
class drying experience.

Hoover's Aquavision technology
- It is easier to empty the water and the convenient handle ensures
it is simple to remove.



"This has the water container on the front so easy to empty"

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Washer Dryers

All Hoover washer dryers incorporate 3 levels of Automatic Sensor Drying, which protects
your clothes and saves electricity by taking the guesswork out of setting the drying time.

Hoover One-Fi Extra WDWFT4138AH
13kg Wash, 8kg Dry Washer Dryer

Bring your home into the now with a massive 13kg wash capacity
(equivalent to 65 shirts) - you'll soon get through that ever-growing
laundry basket.

WiFi and One Touch technology
- Using your Android smartphone, you can control, monitor and
manage the appliance via your mobile device.

Intelligent sensor technology
- Weighs your laundry during the first 4 minutes of the cycle and
adjusts the time, water and electricity accordingly.

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FREE 10 year parts and 1 year labour warranty
on all Hoover free standing and built-in appliances


Built-in Cooking

With a range of ovens available, including touch screen controls and smart technology,
you can find the perfect cooker for your home.

Hoover Vision Single Electric Oven

Bring your home into the now with the Revolutionary Hoover
Vision oven, which enables you to step into the future and cook
with a touch.

19-inch fully interactive touch screen
- The appliance door is one big screen allowing you to watch
cooking tutorials, generate & save your favourite recipes and even
access selected websites.

Integrated HD camera
- Provides an optimal view of the interior and a close up of
dishes being cooked to ensure constant monitoring without
opening the door and preserving all the heat.

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Hoover HGL64SCX 60cm Built-In Gas Hob

Bring your kitchen into the now with the Hoover stainless steel gas
hob. Solidly built and the antifingerprint design, it is a great addition
to your busy kitchen.

4 burners and simple rotary controls
- It’s easy to use and includes one rapid, 2 semi-rapid and
one auxiliary burner.

Flame failure device
- In the event of the flame being extinguished accidentally a
thermocouple device will automatically cut-off the gas supply.

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Hoover HECH616/3X 60cm Chimney
Cooker Hood

Featuring 3 speed settings and simple push button controls, this
stainless steel Hoover chimney cooker hood is a sleek addition to
your kitchen, bringing your home into the now.

3 speeds
- Three different speeds to set the air flow at the correct level
according to your needs.

Bright halogen lighting
- Delivers perfect illumination of your hob surface to make
cooking even easier.

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Built-in Laundry

For a sleek, seamless look, check out the Hoover built-in laundry range which slot nicely
into your kitchen.

Hoover HBWM914DC80 9kg Load
1400 Spin Integrated Washing Machine

Thanks to its hidden-away integrated design, you can now slot you
Hoover washing machine effortlessly into your existing kitchen.

17 versatile programs
- Including 3 rapid wash cycles that are ideal for anyone who's always
in a hurry!

Weight detector system
- With the kg mode, the washing machine detects the quantity and
type of load and automatically adapts the wash accordingly.

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FREE 10 year parts and 1 year labour warranty
on all Hoover free standing and built-in appliances



With a range of Dynamic 3D, 16-place setting dishwashers and the Nextra Slimline 10 place
setting models, Hoover has a dishwasher to suit all families’ needs.

Hoover Dynamic HDP2D62W
16-Place Dishwasher

Jump into the now and free yourself from hours at the sink with the
Hoover dishwasher that lets you wash up to 176 items in one load!
The adjustable basket also ensures you can still wash your big pots
and pans.

10 programmes
- Including a 24 minute rapid cycle when you’re short on time
class drying experience.

Digital display and touch controls
- Ensures it is easy and simple to use.



"Easy to use Digital display brilliant and many different washes
to choose from. Best feature is it being so quiet, so quiet that
at first I had to check it was on!” Dreya

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FREE 10 year parts and 1 year labour warranty
on all Hoover free standing and built-in appliances


Fridge Freezers

With such a wide range of fridge freezers available, Hoover has something to suit
everybody's needs! Many now include WiFi so you can manage your fridge and freezer
remotely from the app.

Hoover HVBN6182BWDK 60cm Frost
Free Fridge Freezer with Water Dispenser

Reversible doors means you can place your fridge freezer in any corner
of your kitchen - perfect for revamping your space and bringing your
home into the now!

No Frost technology
- Ensuring your food stays tastier and fresher for longer.

Water dispenser
- Simply fill the container inside the door to enjoy a refreshing drink.



"This fridge looks nice and stunning! My boys use it so often,
great way to get them drinking water! Looks really nice, I get lots of compliments!" Camilla

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FREE 10 year parts and 1 year labour warranty
on all Hoover free standing and built-in appliances

Hoover One Touch
and Hoover One-Fi.

Affordable technology,
that lets you be
connected and in


the UK's first fully connected kitchen

Get connected by
simply downloading the
Hoover Wizard App

Tap to

Affordable NFC technology
for everyone, that's
simple to use and works in
the same way as
contactless payment -
just tap your Android
smartphone on the laundry
appliance to connect.

One Touch
with added

Stay connected to your
appliances via your tablet or
smartphone. Anytime,
anywhere remote-control
access and programming.

Clever connected laundry appliances

Simply by downloading the Hoover Wizard App and placing your Android smartphone on the appliance,
you can expand your washing horizons and find the most suitable type of washing for your needs.

Top performance

Preserve outstanding performance over time. A special cycle will test the life parameters
of the appliance, giving practical advices in order to keep your appliance as new.

Download new cycles

Find out new cycles in tune with your ever changing needs.

• Baby Sanitizer
• Cuddly Toys

• Curtains
• Duvet
• Pillows

• Lingerie
• Silk

• Gym Kit
• Back Packs
• Swimsuits and Bikinis

Clever control

Learn how to improve your habits by taking control of your frequently used functions.
Tag the "One Touch" to have simple and complete overview about:

• Time and types of washing cycles
• Efficiency of programs selected
• Total activities of your washing machine

Clever control

Provides all the information you need to select the best washing programme and
options, just by speaking with your washing machine:

• Choose clothes or fabrics
• Choose the colours
• Choose the level of stain

Upgrade to One-Fi Extra to stay in touch with your
home wherever you are

Preheat the oven from your desk, put a wash on while walking the dog or even wash the dishes from the gym!

Covers four appliance sectors
Laundry • Cooking • Cooling • Dishwashing
and has all the benefits of One Touch plus:

Wi-Fi connectivity

Stay connected to your appliances via your smartphone or tablet.
Anytime, anywhere remote-control access and programming.

Access to manuals and tech team

Any technical difficulties? There is no need to worry as you can instantly contact the
Hoover technical team who are always happy to help.

Instant alert messages

Receive instant alert messages to your smart phone so you can keep on control your
household tasks and appliances on the go.

Recommends the best programmes

To help you save time and money, your Hoover appliance will recommend the best
programme for your load.

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One Touch is compatible with Android devices that are NFC enabled and One Fi Extra is compatible with
Windows PC/desktop, Google Play, Android devices from 4.0 onwards or Apple devices from IOS 8 or later.

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