How do I make a payment?

My Account

Making a payment to your Very Account is quick and easy, plus it’s available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Log into My Account and choose ‘Make a Payment’.

You can pay by both credit and debit cards and your payment will show on your Very Account after 1 day. We’ll email you when it does.

Want to make a payment on the things you’ve bought with Buy Now Pay Later? To make a full or partial payment simply log into “My Account”, choose “Make a payment”, select “Pay Buy Now Pay Later” and allocate your payment to the specific Buy Now Pay Later you wish to pay off.

Making partial payments without clearing the cash price in full will reduce the lump sum of compound interest charged at the end of the delayed payment period.

Remember, if you choose not to pay the cash price before the end of the delayed payment period, any outstanding balance plus a lump sum of compound interest will be charged to your Very Account. Interest is charged at your account rate.

Direct Debit

Setting up a Direct Debit is really simple, too.

It’s a safe and speedy way to pay your Very Account with an automatic payment from your Bank Account – all you need is your bank sort code and account number.

Go to My Account and select Make a Payment.
Then select Set up a Direct Debit and choose a payment option that suits you best: Minimum Payment, Take 3 or Full Payment.

We’ll remind you of your Direct Debit on each statement. That way you’ll be aware of what we’re going to take and when your due date is each month.

Please note that any Buy Now Pay Later payments will not automatically be taken by Direct Debit, these payments will need to be made separately.

By the way, your Direct Debit will be set up to pay the following month’s payment, so make sure you pay by another means such as credit or debit card or even by cheque until we confirm on your statement that we’ve set up your Direct Debit.

To cancel your Direct Debit log into My Account.

Internet/Telephone Banking

You can make payments directly from your bank by quoting our sort code 62-25-61 and account number 0000 0000. You’ll need your Very Account number too.

Alternative payment methods are available and detailed on the back of your statement.

Having Financial Difficulties

Please call us, click here for details, and a member of our team will talk things through with you (lines are open Monday to Friday 8am – 8pm and Saturday 8am – 6pm).

If you have previously paid for Extra Care/Account Cover Plus or Shopping Insurance, click here to read more about making a potential claim depending on your circumstances.

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