Choosing the right bed can help make all the
difference to a good nights sleep. Research shows
that choosing the wrong bed and mattress can
result in loosing up to an hours sleep a night. Use
this guide to help you pick the right bed for you.


Our range of non storage and storage
bedframes come in a wide selection of
finishes including wood/wood effect
metal, leather, upholstered and
depending on whether you are looking
to prioritise style or, you are in need of
more storage we have something to
suit your needs.

TV Beds

You can enjoy a cinematic experience in
your bedroom - your flat screen TV is stored
in the footboard and hidden speakers and
cables make your viewing

Adjustable Beds

Our range of adjustable beds are designed
especially to meet individuals comfort needs
and provide a great night's sleep. The
adjustable features are easy to use, and
we also offer expert delivery and home
installation so you can start using your
new bed straight away. You can alter
independant adjustable features for your
back, shoulders, neck, calves and feet to
find the perfect position for yourself to rest or sleep.

Day Beds

Our wide range of guest beds come in a
variety of styles, from metal and wood to
divan bases. Our guest beds are available in
single size and have easy pull out trundies
that can be discreetly stored under the base
until needed. You can also choose from low
level or high level trundies to suit your

Childrens Beds

Our range of children's beds will help
ensure you both sleep soundly. Find cabin
and bunk beds; mid and high sleepers, as
well as cleverly designed furniture sets.

Folding Beds

Our range of folding beds are great space
saving guest beds. They are innovatively
designed to be stored easily, whether it is
under the bed, in a wardrobe or even the
boot of a car when travelling. Our folding
beds come with a variety of mattresses
from fresh airflow up to pocket spring and
memory for extra comfort for your guests.
The frames are expertly designed for
durability and feature mechanisms for easy
and secure open and closing.

If you're short on space in your bedroom, a
storage bed with drawers built in the frame is a
great solution. Or consider an ottoman bed with
storage space beneath the mattress for a
clutter-free room. If you love watching TV in bed,
why not choose a frame which neatly stores your
TV away when it's not in use?

Rigid Slats

The most popular type of slats and
commonly made of wood with a firm
base that's best if you prefer a firmer

Sprug Slats

These are curved wooden slats that
have a natural bounce and sit within
the frame to give give you a more
cushioned support than rigid ones.
They adjust to your profile to support
your weight.

Lift-up - Ottoman

Ottoman Lift Up Beds are not only
stylish but also have lift up bases
which provide easily accessible
hidden storage for your belongings.
We offer a choice of end and side lift
up ottoman beds.

Storage - Drawer

Looking for extra storage? Some of
our bedframes come with inbuilt
underbed drawers to help free up
valuable space. We offer a choice of
2 drawer, 4 drawer or end drawer
options for you to choose from.